Swiveling & Height adjustable


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The Gold Star-based DiamondThe Gold Star-based Diamond
The Gold Star-based Diamond Selling price$479.99 CAD
The Round-based CozyThe Round-based Cozy
The Round-based Cozy Selling price$299.99 CAD
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The Star-based ShowTimeThe Star-based ShowTime
The Star-based ShowTime Selling price$339.99 CAD
The Star-based DiamondThe Star-based Diamond
The Star-based Diamond Selling price$399.99 CAD
Out of stock
The Round-based DiamondThe Round-based Diamond
The Round-based Diamond Selling price$399.99 CAD
Out of stock
The Round-based ShowTimeThe Round-based ShowTime
The Round-based ShowTime Selling price$339.00 CAD
The Summit round baseThe Summit round base
The Summit round base Selling price$399.99 CAD

Swiveling & Height adjustable

Explore the excellence of innovation and comfort with our adjustable height swivel stools, where every detail is designed to deliver a superior seating experience. At LeoVictor.com we emphasize the quality of components, especially our adjustment cylinder, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

Our adjustable height swivel stools feature a premium adjustment cylinder, designed for maximum stability and durability. Thanks to this high-precision cylinder, you can easily adjust the height of the stool smoothly, ensuring an ergonomic position suited to your needs.

Each stool is meticulously crafted with premium materials to ensure exceptional sturdiness and optimal comfort. Whether for the kitchen, bar or workspace, our swivel stools offer the perfect combination of functionality and style, allowing you to take full advantage of your surroundings.

Opt for excellence with our height-adjustable swivel stools, where the quality of the components, particularly the adjustment cylinder, guarantees an unrivaled user experience. Discover our collection now on LeoVictor.com and transform your space with stools that combine performance and aesthetics.